Employment with Holmes By Holmes Real Estate:


Over the years, the compensation arrangements between brokers and sales associates have been splits ranging between 50/50 to a percentage of 60/40.  Here at Home-by-Holmes Real Estate. We start all Non- Experience Agents out with a 65/35 split,along with complete hands on training. If you are looking for a change and want to make more money. Homes-by-Holmes is the place you want to be.   MAKE MORE MONEY

Here at Homes-by-Holmes Real Estate agents work together, share expenses and keep the maximum commission for themselves. Given the services we provide, our compensation options are the most lucrative in the industry We offer two Agent Compensation Programs.

For all experienced agents there is 85/15 split, with a $150.00 transaction fee paid to Homes-by-Holmes Real Estate, for each sold/closed transaction.

Plan two is a 97/3% commission payout with $500.00 a month paid to Homes-by-Holmes Real Estate and a $100.00 transaction fee for each sold/closed property.

*Commission - 80/15 split or 95/3 split firm. Less fluctuation.

*Very aggressive listing percent at 3.8% and higher.

*Less than a 24 hour turn around for commission checks.

*Lower monthly office fees. No buyer agency fees.

*Low transaction fees of $100 per transaction, $200 for dual agency. No required phone duty.

If you are an experienced agent, or a motivated person who is thinking of making a change in your career, Homes-by-Holmes is the Great  place to work. You will  be surrounded by down to earth people and experienced professionals.  RUN YOUR BUSINESS UNCONSTRAINED

Every Homes-by-Holmes agent has the ability to work from home and run their business the way they choose. Every decision, whether its regarding negotiating a commission or implementing an innovative marketing plan is YOURS, not your broker's. Put those tough deals together or create an advertising campaign unique to you.

At Homes-by-Holmes we recognize that our associates are the reason for our continuous growth and success. Therefore, an associates name and direct phone numbers are displayed prominently on signs, ads and in personal promotion. This means you receive more direct calls and far better name recognition than a rider can offer. Your ad dollars work to build YOUR business, not your broker's, or the floor persons. Stop financing advertising through splits which build your broker's market share rather than your own!

It's just you and the other agent. No middleman. No favoritism. No additional "cuts." Homes-by-Holmes associates set their own fees and refer inbound and outbound business direct to other agents.

Experience the personal pride of having maximum control of your business.