About Tanisha Holmes


Tanisha Holmes

Tanisha was born and raised in Blacksburg Virginia.She lived only  4 miles from Virginia Tech.  She later moved to North Adams, Massachusetts and New Haven Connecticut. At the age of 13 she moved to Raleigh and attended Carroll Middle School and Leesville High School. After graduation she  attended NC STATE and completed her undergraduate at UNCG.  

At the Age of 22 ,I Built my First House!

When I first purchased my home at the age of twenty-two. I worked two jobs all summer to save $10,000. As a first time home buyer, I was so excited about owning my first home, I realize  after closing on  my new home that I could had used the down-payment assistance option. Three weeks later,I was in real estate school. I learn quickly how important it was to hire a GOOD AGENT! Having this experience I wanted to work on behalf of my client unlike my previous agent working on behalf of herself.    


In -YEAR 2008: Homes-by-Holmes Renovated & Purchased the Historic Sterling Cotton Mill:

Located in Franklinton is the historic Sterling Cotton Mill, founded by Samuel C. Vann and first opened in 1895. Remaining in the Vann family for many years, the mill was purchased in 1972 by Union Underwear Company...manufacturers of Fruit of the Loom fabric products. Sterling Cotton Mill eventually closed in 1991. It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1996. In 2008 Homes-by-Holmes purchase the hosiery. 


Elected as Franklinton County Chamber President :


In 2008 , Tanisha Holmes  sold the Mayor of Franklinton, Elic Senter his  first home. Later that year she was appointed by  Town Manager  Tammy Ray and Elic Senter the Mayor Of Franklinton  as the Treasurer of the Franklinton Economic Division and the Vice President  for Franklinton Chamber of Commerce. In October 2009 Tanisha was appointed as the President of  Franklinton Chamber 

of Commerce.